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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pork and a post about Apple...


That up there, that’s what I had for dinner a few weeks ago.  In case you’re wondering, this was before the New Year’s resolutions kicked in :)

Dinner consisted of several pints of German beer and the delicious roasted pork hock pictured above.  It was all quite delicious, and I knew it was what I wanted as soon as I read the description: “Succulent fall off the bone roasted pork” Mmmm nom nom.  For those of you who are less familiar with the world of butchery, in reality it’s the ankle of a pig and is made up of about 72% fat and gristle.  Lol.

I showed that grainy picture to a coworker just now.  Showing her that picture kicked off a wildly entertaining and informative conversation about her favourite foods, restaurants, and hidden gems near the office.  You see, she has passion, and because of this I’ve promised her that I’ll try out a few new foods, and some new restaurants.  Moreover I trust I will not be disappointed.

I’ve actually had similar conversations in the past, only about a different topic.  Last time it was about a funny phone made out of glass, or an extremely lightweight computer.

I hate using this example since it is a bit cliché but I think it is appropriate.   Apple is the rare technology company who is able to generate that level of passion in its' users.  They are just a computer company, but to their fan base they are so much more.  Apple even pioneered the concept of selling through product evangelists years ago.

In light of the recent news of Steve Job’s leave of absence it’s fascinating to see the flood of concern that’s taken hold online.  As an outside observer I think this deeply personal relationship Apple users have is core to their success, and the reason for their concern.  Apple is personified by their leader, whose future is now a bit in question.  

My own content strategy revolves around showing how my organization is made up of real people who have interesting opinions and are experts in a particular field.  Apple takes this to the extreme and to many the company seen as one man, in a black turtleneck and jeans.  The story of Apple is as much his story as much as it’s the story of a computer company.  An you know what?  It works.

People relate to Apple, and want to be cool like Apple.  They want to be Steve Jobs and tell the world his message.  

I wish Mr. Jobs all the best and hope his health returns.  After all the more successful he is, the more I have to write about…


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